Learn the basics of fashion design and start creating new fashion designs from existing clothes! This fun course is ideal for you if you know how to work with your sewing machine and you want to take your clothes to the next level!

  • You will get weekly support

  • You will get confident in your sewing and design skills

  • You will get results!

What students say

"Following Eva’s introduction course to Sustainable Fashion was a great experience. It allowed me to deepen my sewing skills while having fun creating as well as meeting lovely people! " - Bea

Eva is very passionate about designing which is evident as the course is confidently delivered in a knowledgeable yet relaxed way.  The course provides you with the confidence to sew and Eva puts you, as a student, at ease, as she always provides feedback with encouragement. Will definitely recommend to any of my friends, and their siblings (younger generation would very much be interested in this – if not, they should be!)  Thanks Eva  - great course from a great instructor and designer !!! - Julie

The course exceeded my expectations! I didn't expect to learn as much I did, and so easily! I feel inspired to design, and to continue learning! - Jem