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A Wave Goodbye to Summer 2018 🌊

Updated: May 2, 2019

August is almost over and it's time to look back on the last few months! What a brilliant summer it has been! The glorious sunshine and summer heat took us by surprise but I am sure everyone will agree that we loved it while it lasted!

Summer started early for UNDERDOCK. With the development of the new summer collection came quirky accessories! Limited edition canvas bags I printed outdoors straight from metal plaques around Old Portsmouth with the help of my wonderful partner! I loved using this technique because the result for each bag is unique and this like the rest of the collection compliments individuality.

The bags were exclusively available to buy at Record Store Day 2018 on Castle Road in Southsea, sturdy and durable enough to carry more than 20 records!

Late April saw the exciting UNDERDOCK fashion photoshoot. Cold weather and snow were unusual yet consistent guests throughout April, so having been able to catch what seemed at the time the only summer day of the year was very welcome. The warmth of the sun with a catch of summer breeze worked in harmony with my UNDERDOCK Spring/Summer 2018 collection. The photos produced on that day have the feel of summertime adventure! Everything about that day was perfect.

Of course this photoshoot wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for the very beautiful model Esme Shard and the talented photographer that is Billie Rae. They were a cracking team and their work graced the UNDERDOCK social media pages all summer long!

May was a month, which enabled showcasing the collection and what it was all about. The focus being on sustainability and feeling unique!

With the collection launched in June I was happy to find that customers were happy with their unique UNDERDOCK garments! It didn't take long before I was sent a photo from Florida, where one of the summer collection skirts made an appearance! More garments made it to areas outside of Portsmouth. It was the summer of the skirt it seems and I was one day sent a photo of UNDERDOCK skirt flattering its owner and her dance moves at the Southsea bandstand!

As a designer and a creative the most important part of doing what I do is why I do it. It's the smile on people's faces, the genuine expression that someone has when they feel beautiful and confident in what they wear. It feels like I have made a small contribution to that by creating a garment that they liked and not a garment they bought impulsively; a garment that they feel happy wearing and will cherish for a long time. The other factor is of course the sustainability side of things, which truly charges my creativity and drive to continue with what I do. For the first time I am not completely in charge of what I use and materials can vary. This can be challenging but also very interesting and exciting.

The UNDERDOCK website About Me section had a mid summer makeover this summer! The highly skilled Mike Owens produced some incredible images for me and I can't thank him enough! If you are reading this and you need some high quality seaside related photography work - he is your man!

Summer markets were frequent for me this summer. I wanted people to get to know the UNDERDOCK label and have the opportunity to see the products and try garments on. I participated in Castle Road Summer Fayre in Southsea and The Draper's Yard in Chichester. I have also become a regular exhibitor at Crafts in the Tower at Old Portsmouth Square Tower, which is held every third Sunday of the month! I absolutely love all these venues, being surrounded by talented and passionate creatives and having the opportunity to meet the public and showcase my work!

And with August here there is a lot to look forward to! I have just recorded my first radio ad with Express FM in Portsmouth in collaboration with Start Up Disruptors - a business group of passionate individuals, who live to give value to people and love what they do.

The advert will be running very soon and I am very excited to have been given this opportunity!

While this marks the end of a beautiful and exciting summer there are more wonderful things on the horizon! October 2018 will be an exciting month for the UNDERDOCK label with new collection launch, a fashion show and an exhibition! Just a couple of things to love forward to! I will expand on this next time!

Until then - enjoy what's left of the beautiful summer we have all had and as always - KEEP SAILING FORWARD EVERYONE! X

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