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A New Decade Filled with Possibilities!

Have you been to a Flapper themed party recently? Here we are - 100 years since the 1920s began and the style, the spirit and the values of this adventurous decade are still here, loved by so many! Not long ago, I came to the realisation that the New 20's would be here very soon. And it is finally happening! It makes me wonder – how will the New 20's compare to the decade we all love and celebrate?

The 1920's were a decade of important changes, a decade that celebrated freedom and glamour and the decade that gave all women here - in the UK, the right to vote. It was an important decade for fashion, which – as always – was reflecting the social changes that came with the 20's. Especially when it comes to women’s fashion! It was a good decade for Coco Chanel and women’s styles inspired by masculine clothing. Gone were the restrictive Victorian corsets, big skirts that limited movement and conservative styles were replaced by shorter dresses, boyish silhouettes and looser lighter clothing. Fashion enabled women to move easier, engaging in sports activities and dancing. This was a revolutionary decade, which paved the way to a new era of innovation and social progress.

Moving forward to 2019 – - there is much to reflect on - when it comes to the 2010's. It has been a decade of challenges, social awakening and changes happening at a faster rate that we have ever seen before. If the 1920's can be likened to a pleasant jog, we are now fully sprinting towards the New 20's. Everything is changing fast – from the way we dress and consume to the way we live. It has been a decade of learning and addressing issues at a global scale. Climate, pollution, human rights – the reality is difficult to process. There is much we have learnt in a short space of time and now it is time to do something about it.

And this is exactly why I am looking forward to the New 20's! After a period of learning comes a time of true innovation and progress. There may be many reasons to be negative and sceptical – but why not focus on the positive and on what we can all do? Great changes are already happening and technology makes sustainable ethical solutions possible every day. Have a look at this post for some positive things you may have not heard on the news about in the past year but that have happened in 2019.

This is my favourite photo to date when it comes to my label UNDERDOCK. It is a portrayal of true confidence, taking charge and taking responsibility. This is what I plan to embrace in the New 20's – taking responsibility for my actions and doing ‘my bit’. We can all do our bit individually to ensure we have a brilliant new decade of positive change – both when it comes to individual actions towards a greater good and in our daily personal lives. Lets get inspired by the thirst for freedom and adventure from the 1920's and give it a modern spin for the new decade!

Here’s to the New 20's – a new decade filled with possibilities… and hopefully action.

Until next time – stay creative and keep sailing forward!


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