Sail Away Shirt

Sail Away Shirt


This signature shirt is made to order from existing clothes. It features geometric front details inspired by sails , which add a fashionable edge to any outfit.

You can choose from plain and striped designs. Each shirt is made from standard women's shirts and is completely unique.


Expect plain or striped designs in nautical colours that will brighten up your day!


Wearing UNDERDOCK means you're wearing something unique. 


Sustainable Style. Adventurous Style. Personal Style.

  • Care instructions

    Each made-to-order shirt is created using existing womens shirts. Colours and materials would vary but cotton and polyester mix is often the option available. Colours and stripe width vary but is always a nautical mix of blue, white and where available - a touch of red. 

    Original manufacturer labels and features are kept - please follow the clothing label instructions.