Treat a friend to sustainable style

These nautical earrings make perfect gifts for:

✔ Birthdays

✔ Christmas gifts

✔ Galentine's and Valentine's day

✔ Treating yourself and loved ones even if there is no occasion


Each pair of earrings is made using fabric offcuts and non-toxic vegan glue. Each pair comes in a recyclable box with an insert made from recycled fibres. There are many styles to choose from  and delivery is FREE!

blue white and purple stripes.jpg
Earrings packaging.jpg
Fabrics Repurposed earrings in baby blue, white and dotted black lines.jpg
Fabrics Repurposed earrings in pebble, white and gray.jpg
Fabrics Repurposed Baby blue earrings in a red box.jpg
Thick red and white stripe and thin blue stripe fabrics _repurposed earrings.jpg
Fabrics Repurposed navy and white medium stripe earrings in a red box.jpg
Fabrics Repurposed pale blue and white striped earrings in a navy box.jpg
Fabrics Repurposed beige, black and blue earrings in a red box.jpg
Fabrics Repurposed earrings in blue and white stripe.jpg
Fabrics Repurposed earrings in denim and white.jpg
Fabrics Repurposed earrings in white and blue thin stripes.jpg