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The Importance of the Clothes We Wear

Today is Monday. A fresh start and an opportunity to shine. There are many ways, which would help you start the week right - from a fresh cup of coffee early in the morning to some Monday morning exercise and meditation. But do you ever think of the importance of the clothes you wear as you start your week?

Fashion has always been about expression. Whether expression of personal taste, status or an indication of how we feel inside – it is something we experience daily when we are faced with the question ‘What should I wear today?’. It is a little bit like putting on a costume - albeit a trendy one. Every outfit has its own personality and we wear different things in different situations. That’s why you won’t see anyone in a cocktail dress at a job interview or anyone pulling off a white t shirt and jeans combo at a black- tie event. We shape the way we dress around the expectations we are trying to meet and in the process we tend to do it with clothes that we like.

It is a fairly recent phenomenon that most of us can choose what to wear, especially when being trendy has become such an easy thing to do. However following trends is not necessarily about self-expression. There are so many factors, which shape your choice of what to buy – personal experiences, fashion influencers, advertising and - of course, that tempting large discount!

If we take a step back and think about it – what we wear is important. Not just because it communicates to the world who we are in one way or another. The importance of wearing the right clothes lies in the way what we wear makes us feel.

This is especially relevant first thing in the morning, as we start our day. Do we want our day to be spectacular, do we want to own it? Even if we aren't a morning kind of person, choosing something to elevate how we feel throughout the day is essential to having a great performance and to feeling uplifted. A boring grey suit can make any day dull but if you pair it with a cool tie, a statement bag or a colourful scarf your mood levels will be instantly uplifted. Wearing a bright colour or a touch of bright colour can make you stand out and you would certainly feel like the centre of attention. And if that’s not your thing – monochrome is always in style and it promotes quiet sophistication.

And it isn't just about the colour.

Let’s say you are going to be giving a big presentation. You want to feel your best, but you also have to wear something suitable. Your performance will depend on what you wear, how comfortable you feel in it, what cut it is.

The key to make the right for you choice lies in asking yourself not ‘How do I feel today?’ but ‘How do I want to feel today?’ Would you prefer to be invisible or be the centre of attention? Would you want to appear calm or nervous? Would you want to appear comfortable or uneasy? Wearing natural breathable materials can make you feel a lot more relaxed and comfortable in your own skin than wearing man-made materials such as polyester. And whether you embrace colour or not - in such situations it is a good idea to wear a small detail to be remembered by and that you cherish - such as a small brooch, a hair pin, a cute watch, something that you love. This could be a bespoke item, something given to you by a special someone, a good luck charm.

Natural fibers are breathable and provide extra comfort in stressful situations

I recently heard someone say that on Sunday evening we are different people to the people we are on Monday morning. One moment we are excited about the new beginnings and possibilities but at the crack of dawn things have changed. So planning your Monday outfit on Sunday evening, while being a dream-like positive mindset will ensure you truly dress in a way you would want to feel all week long!

Have a great week ahead and as always -

Keep Sailing Forward, Everyone!


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