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'Feeling inspired!'

Today Facebook showed me my status from 12 years ago. 'Feeling inspired!'.

I have no idea what I was doing that day - perhaps working on a course project or simply enjoying the summer? Whatever it was - it was important enough for me to share it with the world. Or at least with my small group of friends that had Facebook accounts at the time.

I don't always look at my Facebook 'memories' but today this really stood out.

Amongst the current political events and environmental challenges dominating the media - there is not much to smile about. Yet, with a little effort, a little 'give yourself a push' kind of attitude we can all find a little inspiration to shield us from negative surroundings. I don't mean to sound naive - we should be all paying attention to everything that's happening around us, we need to be brave.

But a little TLC is important and a good state of mind equals happier life no matter the surroundings. For different people this could mean different things. For me it's about getting creative or going for a walk with no distractions.

Creativity and gratitude. Things that don't cost anything and give so much in return.

And even when there are days a ray of sunshine is hard to find, there is always something that can be done, something that can bring you #inspiration. A hands-on activity, which can consume your mind, even briefly. Quick sketches, doodling, sewing, embroidery, dressing up, photography, making something - there are many options. Something to keep the mind occupied and to give it a positive boost.

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