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Get Creative with These 3 Summer 2019 Trends!

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

The new season is here and as usual this means more new trends and an opportunity to refresh your wardrobe. I am excited about spring/summer 2019! A lot of the upcoming fashion trends are not so new and this gives us a chance to fall in love with our already existing clothing! Here are 3 spring/summer 2019 trends, which you are likely to already have as part of your existing wardrobe and how we can give them a cool new update:

Tie-dye clothes are back!

It hasn’t been long since the last time this trend took over the catwalks and after a couple of years – it is back. Since this wasn’t so long ago we are all likely to have clothes purchased a couple of years back. The best thing about wearing something, which has been trendy sometime ago and is back in style - is that less people are actually likely to have exactly the same garment as you. Since a lot of people give their clothes away after a season - you were a smart cookie to keep that tie-dye dress that for some was ‘so last season’ a year ago. And now you can wear it with pride. And then keep it until the next time this trend comes back. The thing about fashion is that while it is constantly re-inventing itself what was yesterday trendy, later becomes cool and vintage. If you have never purchased a tie-dye garment and you want to keep up with the trend now – why not give this technique a go yourself? If you have a white or lightly coloured t shirt/skirt or even a dress – buying a pack or two of Dylon and looking at some YouTube inspiration like the video below would make your plain old t-shirt look cooler and more unique than any new high street £5 fast fashion top!

It's All About the Bows!

A bow is something, which comes and goes very frequently and even if it isn’t the season’s ‘must have’ it always adds a feminine touch to an outfit. Spring/Summer 2019 brings the bow back in style and even if you don’t have any clothes that have flamboyant bow details you can always fashion an accessory bow. You can tie a bow out of a ribbon or fabric and pin or stitch it to a headband or attach it to your bag or cardie with a pretty pin in the middle. You can also simply tie a scarf around your neck into a bow or attach it to your belt – the possibilities are endless!

The Return of a Classic Look -

Tailored Clothes!

Everyone has at least one tailored item in their wardrobe. Even if you have kept that smart classy blazer for your next interview – why not take advantage of this trend and wear it over a nice summer dress with a pair of sporty flats? Fashion in the past few years has become increasingly casual, so dressing down a tailored piece will give your outfit a fresh twist! I personally like to put a cool brooch or a pin badge on the lapel of my tailored jackets – minimalist pin in a contracting colour really does the trick!

So whether you are more into a flirty boho chic look or a smart casual tailored silhouettes – playing with these 3 trends of spring/summer 2019 using what you already have can be a lot of fun!

Let’s fall in love with our capsule wardrobes all over again!

And as always – keep sailing forward everyone!

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