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How to Stay Trendy and Sustainable on a Budget this Autumn?

Here we are - the new season is upon us and there are many new and old trends to look forward to. And this doesn't have to mean a trip to a cheap high street shop (a digital or a real one!) but a whole new opportunity to give what we already have a new edge!

Who wants to look like everyone else? Not you, I am sure. But where do we start?

Since it can be overwhelming to even consider ALL new trends, I have narrowed it down to 3 things to look out for and how you can stay on-trend and be in the spotlight this Autumn!


While the Pocket Utility trend dominated the summer and is here to stay, this season - sleeves are in the spotlight! There is so much you can do to a sleeve! From something as simple as elbow patches and shoulder patches to adding details to the cuffs. A pretty trim at the bottom of a cuff or perhaps all around the sleeve can make a real difference. Big shoulders are back in fashion so you can simply insert large shoulder pads on either side of your top, jacket or coat.

You can also add shoulder patches or epaulettes for a more dramatic effect. And if you are not into big shoulders but would like to give your shoulders a pretty detail - how about stitching a few scattered beads around the shoulders? Or why not use an old beads necklace and attach it to only one of your shoulders for a-symmetric chic? This would work especially well on knitwear or a blazer.


Ruffles are a bit of an acquired taste. They can be a little over the top but they don't have to be. All you need for a good ruffle is a simple curved 'rainbow-like' or circle shape and appropriate fabric, which doesn't fray such as felt (perfect for the upcoming season! ) The inside curve of the rainbow shape needs to be as long as the width of the area you attach it to - see diagram!

You can add ruffles not just by using a sewing machine but also by hand! Here are some ideas: ruffles would look great on shoulders and cuffs of dresses, tops, knitwear and even jackets as well as a trim on pockets and hems Attached to the bottom of waistbands of skirts they will create a simple peplum effect!


Continuing from the summer season I am happy that pocket details are here to stay! Not only because they look so cool but also because they signify independence, which is very liberating!

And it doesn't have to be hard to add a cool pocket to something you already own. I have 6 easy to apply pocket patterns in the pattern library with video instructions sent straight to your inbox! And if you are a fan of less visible pockets here's a video of how to make a pattern for side pockets and how to apply to what you already have!

I hope this post has given you some inspiration. You don't need to completely transform a garment to feel fab - sometimes small changes are better!

Have a great Autumn season and as always - keep sailing forward!


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