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Sleep On It!

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Years ago, shortly after moving to the UK I fell in love with a pair of plum coloured suede boots with embroidered sides. They were however, out of my price range and I decided to sleep on the idea of buying them. I thought – instead of making an impulse purchase – why not wait and see if I would still want them in a day or two. So, I waited one day. Sometimes the idea of something is a lot more powerful than the experience or execution of it. I had pretty much decided I wanted the boots the minute I saw them.. The following day I went back to the store only to find that they had sold out. I was directed to a different branch, where they had one pair left. I really felt like I had to work for these boots - but this didn’t stop me!

I bought them. I had them for a while. They turned out to be as uncomfortable as they were beautiful.

Maybe I should have slept on it a little bit longer!

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