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Sustainable Fashion and Curious Dogs - Behind the Scenes of an Outdoor Photoshoot!

An idea, inspiration, collaborative mindset. A few messages exchanged and we were on the go! Sometimes the best things in life happen fast. It had been nearly a year since our last day out with a bag of clothes, a camera and plenty of excitement!

It was a lovely sunny day and while this year April seemed to be colder than usual – it stayed dry! Weather was on our side!

We drove to West Witterings on a Sunday afternoon. Air was fresh and colours were soft all around. There was a touch of mystery on the horizon and the sky was captivating! It was the perfect day for a fashion photoshoot. Billie took her camera equipment and led the way. We walked some few hundred metres until we reached a grassy area surrounded by sand. I took the first dress out of the bag and gave it to Esme. It is truly my favourite piece of the new UNDERDOCK collection! A smart casual black dress with bare shoulders made from hoodies. ‘LET’S DO IT!’ I exclaimed with an animated and perhaps a little overly excited tone. The girls laughed. They both climbed up the grassy dune and the photoshoot commenced. I was happy that I didn’t scare them away!

I truly love photoshoots – outdoor photoshoots in particular. They are always fun and you never know what’s round the corner. In this case – there were dogs! Small dogs, large dogs, curious and cautious dogs. Billie was lying on the floor bending her body like a yoga instructor while taking photos from interesting angles. These are her signature moves and I love watching her in action. 100% passion and commitment.

A black Labrador came by and distracted us all. One of the many fluffy 4 legged distractions of the day!

We went up the slope and found a very cool wooden pathway leading to a sandy beach. Esme put some bright blue tights on for the next outfit and we had a debate about patterned tights. I was in the mode of taking little videos throughout the afternoon and forgot the camera was still rolling. 2 minutes of yellow grass footage and a conversation about tights…

Next - we came across another dune and captured the sea horizon behind Esme, while a small yappy dog was aggravating a large hound nearby. Then it ran away. Esme was wearing a halter neck top made from hoods. She looked awesome and this resulted in some amazing shots!

We finally got on the beach and took shots for the next couple of garments. It got a little colder – I was hoping we could do one last dress before wrapping it up. The colours of the horizon became very dramatic! Everyone was up for doing this. Billie had a great idea – at the other end of the beach a row of wooden poles was proudly towering over the wet sand. Tide was really out but the day was too cold for the sand to dry. The dress required heels.. I was amazed by Esme’s ability to wear high heels in a wet sand! I had to stay and watch the bags while the girls went to the poles. It looked like good fun from afar. It was amazing watching 2 professionals working and once again – the photos they produced were stunning!

Billie worked so fast that photos were ready quickly. You can see the new collection pieces here – all made to order!

It was a really great fun afternoon and I wanted to share it with you all.

Special thanks to Billie Rae Photo and Esme Shard, whose work is always outstanding!

Here’s to fun days out and embracing the adventure!

And as always – keep sailing forward everyone!


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