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Updated: Aug 29, 2019

It is a gloomy day out there today! I went out to collect something I bought, a rare treat filled with colour and happiness – a locally made brooch by Didi’s Design, to accessorise my clothes with!

I walked out without thinking much about the weather. When you spend a lot of your time working from home you don’t always think about these things. So here I was wearing a bright orange skirt and a printed kaftan, sunglasses and some flip flops! The stark reality was that no one I saw wore anything but grey, black, beige and navy. This is what made me realise it was so gloomy today. I was wearing a highly inappropriate outfit to match or possibly clash with my new Toucan Brooch and that made me super happy. Was I out of place? Of course not, it’s May! It just feels easier to blend in with the grey sky when you wear something really toned down. And here I was - getting strange looks all the way. But this doesn’t matter because the colours that we wear can impact our mood and our behaviour!

When I was growing up I was constantly told to wear black because black clothes are versatile, they go with everything and made me look slimmer… apparently.

And looking at my latest work – even a casual black outfit can look really chic! Chic is good!

But this isn’t a good reason to ditch colour altogether.

I remember moving away from home when I was 18 and for the first time, I had to take full responsibility for what I wore. See, up till then I wore what I was told, and it was fine - but this was new. I realised I didn’t have to get covered in black from head to toe and I embraced colour fully. So much so that I stopped wearing black clothes.

Then a few years later I had to wear black uniform for work and my association with this colour was the association of being told what to do and doing things I didn’t particularly want to do. Black uniform code seemed to be a thing for the kind of jobs I went for while I was a student and beyond. Then life happened and I gradually ‘grew up’, wearing more toned down clothes, ‘safe’ colours and blending in. Up until recent years when my creativity woke up from its long slumber and I decided ‘why choose when you can have it all?’.

I still wear dark and neutral clothes a lot of the time and I like a touch of colour like a bright jacket or a cool piece of jewellery or a quirky brooch. It makes me feel happy and unique.

What we wear can really change our mood. A touch of colour can go a long way and truly brighten your day. I am of the opinion that even though beige coats are always in, a bright piece of jewellery, bag, shoes, belt or scarf paired with your beige coat would not only look a lot more exciting but it would also uplift your spirit on a grey day and leave you with a smile! And it doesn’t have to be a bright garish symphony of rainbow madness! Pastel colours such as mint, coral, pale blue etc can also put you in a lovely light mood!

So let’s accessorise our clothes to add some oomph factor and embrace the adventure!

And as always – Keep Sailing Forward!


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