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‘You Just Try Things On, Until It Feels Like You’

Do you watch ‘Stranger Things’? If you do – spoiler alert!- I have used a quote from the show in the title! Or did you recognise it? It was the answer to the question: ‘-How do I know what I like?’.

‘-You Just Try Things On Until It Feels Like You’.

This really stuck with me. About a decade ago I discovered the excitement of shopping cheaply. This meant that I didn’t even feel the need to try things on. For me at the time it was all about ‘like’, ‘get’, ‘try at home’ with emphasis on ‘like’ and ‘get’ – because I could.

Sometimes it didn’t fit right and perhaps it didn’t feel like me. I was just getting to know my style, so I liked a lot more things than I do now. Some things ended up in charity bags and some things I had to return when possible. It was a lot of wasted time and energy, not to mention the mystery of what happens to clothes when they are returned.

I shared this BBC article earlier this year, which truly shocked me. According to it 5 billion pounds of waste is generated each year by customer returns! I was speechless when I came across the statistics. There are of course many factors that make this possible but lets focus on the possibility of not having to return things. Trying things on until they feel like you is a good start.

Additionally – lets take a look at what is in our own wardrobes. Aren’t our own clothes things we have bought because they felt like us? Working with what we have to complement our own uniqueness is key to not only avoid returns and textile waste being created but to also inject excitement into something, which already feels right, familiar and comfortable. Clothes that are uniquely ours. Clothes that make us feel like us.

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